6 February 2012

Back to Tokyo prt 4

After coming back from Thailand I felt like I wanted to see Kaori again and decided to go to Tokyo on my next 4-day weekend. This also happened to be just after two of my colleagues Claire and Becky left Kumamoto for Tokyo. So I thought it would be a good idea if we all could hang out at some point.

That evening we went to Harajuku to check out a burger place Kaori had recommended. Claire then messaged me trying to find out where we were and we were in luck she was in Harajuku too with her boyfriend. We all then met up outside the AKB48 Store and then went to the burger place which was directly opposite the store.

After we had finished our meal Claire had told us that Becky was having a small get together and that we should go. So we all went to Becky's apartment where she was currently living with her boyfriend. We all hung out there until around 11pm then made a quick dash for the train station to catch the last train. It was nice having the chance to hang out with everyone again.

The next day we had planned to go and see a ballet performance of Cinderella but when we got to the theatre in Shibuya all the tickets were sold out. We were told to maybe come back later for the next show by the woman at the ticket office as there could some extra tickets. So we spend most of the day just walking around Shibuya and Harajuku. For lunch Kaori took me to one of her favourite sushi places in the area. I will admit that I did quite enjoy the sushi here.

We then came back later only to be told once again that there were no more tickets. I was a little annoyed because I was sure the woman at the ticket booth knew there weren't going to be anymore tickets. So we went back to what we were doing before which was just walking around the city. As we walked through Harajuku I happened to see the old school Gameboy iPhone 4 case. I was really happy because I had been looking for that case everywhere since I was in Thailand!

That evening we thought what should we do and decided that we should go to Disney Sea again. However this time we were hoping to buy the After-6 ticket which is a bit cheaper than the regular ticket. But when we got to the Disney Store we were told you can not buy the After-6 ticket on the day and must buy it in advance. We then walked around Shibuya for a little bit checking out some of the shops. I then remembered the themed bar/restaurant in the area that was like a mental hospital called Alcatraz! But when we got there we were told that we would have to wait an hour for a table so we just decided to forget it and go back somewhere else.

I then remembered how Kaori had told me about Korea Town which was close to Shin-Okubo Station. As soon we came out of the station some young Korean people came up to me trying to preach about religion! I was surprised but politely told them I wouldn't be around when their function was going on so had to pass. So we walked around the area for a little while before deciding on one place to have some Korean food. This was my first time I had eaten Korean food since I was in Japan. The food was quite nice and we were able to cook our food together.

The next was my last day in Tokyo buy unfortunately Kaori was busy with work and so I was left alone. I then decided to check out Akihabara again to see if I could find an R4 cartridge and also check to find out how much an Xbox 360 cost. In the end I didn't actually buy anything apart from two 16GB flash drives. I then made my way to the airport and left Tokyo for the final time.

Once I got back to Kumamoto I thought after this trip I would give Tokyo a rest for a while. But I can say that I enjoyed my time in Tokyo and with Kaori.