29 November 2008

Not long now =(

It seems like I do not have that long left in China. It feels like the weeks are going very quickly now compared to how they were in the beginning. I can say that I am enjoying being here but sometimes I do feel its time for me to go home.

The school said they would like to me finish teaching on the 5th January. But after this date they would like to send me on a 5 day trip to maybe Xi'an to congratulate me on my hard work at the school.

This sounds like a good idea, it would be nice however if I could go to maybe Shanghai or somewhere else like that. I say this because I can go to Xi'an anytime I want since it is so close to Zhen'an. But my assistant told me that those place are expensive to get to...but we'll see. =P

Its not long either until the Oral English Contest. I like the other foreign teachers will be judges during the contest. The students will perform a number of English activities to demonstrate how good their spoken English abilities really are.

17 November 2008

Wang Ba, Wang Ba, Wang Ba

Like always the days here are pretty much becoming the norm. Everyday its just the same thing. I think once the highway between Zhen'an and Xi'an is completed I will go to Xi'An maybe to the Zoo or to see the Terracotta Warriors.

I have also been told today that the school will hold the oral English competition on the December 24th. It also appears that I will not get to have Christmas Day off from work which is a bit of a pity. But my assistant told me that the Headmaster might give me a present because its a special day for us Westerners haha.

There was also a visit at the school last week by some leaders but it turned out they did not come to the school to inspect it on that day. This was a bit annoying since some of my students rehearsed something to perform in front of them, ah well what can you do.

But like I said everything is pretty cool here however I feel I can honestly I'd rather break my arm then have to choose between noodles or rice to eat for lunch/dinner. When I go to Xi'An next I can maybe buy some different food to eat.

Oh yea before I forget can someone tell me whats so funny about the word Wang Ba? thanks =P

6 November 2008

YES WE DID!!!!!!!!!!

Well I didn't think this day was possible well not for another 50 years or so but we now have our first Black (mixed-race) President of America. Im just really happy for Barack Obama and hope that he can deliver on everything he has promised.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE BARACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 November 2008

Just the same old

Well, things have gotten to be quite normal here now. Its seems like I have gotten into a routine and the days/weeks are just flying by.

Last week the school had their annual Sports Day which was quite exciting. Many of the students were pumped up cheering on their fellow class members. All the cheering they were doing got me all into the mood too. It also seems now that the students are becoming more familiar with me and more and more of them are saying hello to me. However I can't remember if they are from my class or not.

On the weekend Barbara's boyfriend came to stay with us. Barbara said he was tall but I didn't really understand until I saw him. The guy must have been around 6"5 or something. But he was a pretty cool guy. Although he didn't speak English but he told Barbara that when I talk I often move about so he could sort of understand what I was talking about.

Right now I'm at school, no one told me I did not have to teach the Juniors this morning because they weren't at school. Also no one told me that they were not raising the flag so I woke up at 6:30 for nothing.