14 May 2011

Finally completed one whole week!

Today marks my last official work day of the week! I can honestly say I had fun for the most part. However some of my younger classes were a little difficult to control. They were more interested in running around or fooling around than learning English!

I met my first Japanese Teacher too at one of my schools. She is very nice and helped me a lot during my lesson with my youngest class. She seems like someone I could hang out with too when I'm not teaching which is a plus.

This month I am working all 6 day weeks where one week will be spent covering another teacher in Kagoshima. It's not so bad because the company will be putting me up in a hotel and giving me a meal allowance.

Today I was supposed to be covering a teacher but it turns out there was some kind of mix up because she wasn't told that I would be covering her so she turned up at the classroom too! We ended up team teaching where she taught two lessons and I taught one which was pretty cool.

I'm just happy I get to have a day off tomorrow. I got my schedule for next month and thankfully I actually have 2 days off a week! I think I will try and pick up a bike tomorrow since all this walking after I get home because i missed the last tram can be tiring sometimes!

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