1 December 2008

Im not Kobe Bryant you know!!!

Today was the day I was told that I had to play in the teachers basketball game. I kept trying to tell the teachers that I'm not that good and I haven't played in a long time. However this did not seem to bother the teachers (or maybe they did not understand).

After I had finished my classes at 4:05pm I put on my jersey to represent Junior 1 Grade 7. It seemed like many teachers had high hopes on me but I did not like the pressure. One teacher did say, don't worry if we win or loose we just have to try our best. After he said that I thought ok cool, some of the pressure has been lifted.

The game began at 4:30pm but before you knew it my team was down 15 points or so. I was thinking what the hell is going on. Then I realised that many of the teachers on my team were fouling the other team and that was one of the reasons how they were getting their points. The other reason was that my team was getting too greedy with the ball and always going for 3's (I'm not going to lie I was that person at times lol). I felt the difficulty in communication between my team and I was also a factor in our unfortunate demise. In the end the score was a slightly embarrassing 21 to 55.

We still have two other games to play...I think. Hopefully the team has learned from this game and will work much better together next time, that includes me also.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dorian,

I have finally decided to get a blogger account again, but my blog doesn't really have much useful information.

I have also been recording my teaching experience but of course it is not as exciting as yours. I've subscribed to your blog now so hopefully all updates will come through immediately!

Hope you are well. Miss you!

Dorian said...

Thanks for the support, nice to know someone is reading my silly thoughts. Hopefully I can blog about Japan soon as well.

Ahh I bet you have some interesting stuff to talk about also. I will check out your blog and comment if necessary.