10 January 2009

Finally Back Home

So I have finally arrived home after having spent 4 months in China teaching Oral English. I can honestly say that this will be an experience I will never forget. The flight took just over 10 hours even though it was delayed from Beijing.

On the plane I was able to watch a few movies, some of which turned out to be pretty good. It felt like the plane journey went by really quickly, but maybe it helped that I was watching movies. It was really difficult for me to sleep on the plane, I probably only got about 1 - 2 hours worth of sleep.

Once I had arrived at the airport there were many foreigners queuing up at border control where as the line for UK/European passport holders was very short. I felt sorry for the other guys because they would have to que up for a long time to get into the country.

Once I got out to the part of the airport where you are met/picked up by your friends/family I saw my mum waiting for me. It was nice to see my mum again after so long, but it felt as if I had just been gone for maybe a few weeks rather than a few months.

Its strange to be back in London because I notice more how expensive things are compared to China. I'm mainly talking about food rather than anything else since in Xi'An/Beijing everything is expensive especially clothes.

Well its nice to be back home however I will miss my students. I can hopefully connect with them via QQ or email. This will be the last entry for a while unless I update older post with pictures.

It was nice to write down my experiences on here!

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