28 February 2011

...almost there!

After waiting 3 days I was able to get my Work Visa. Like the first time I went to the embassy I had to show my I.D. at the door as well as being searched as I went inside. I was lucky (or maybe unlucky) to meet the same person who took my application from me. The whole process we very smooth apart from the fact that this guy was probably the most grumpy person I had ever met. I couldn't wait to get out of there to be honest but I did stand in the embassy for a little bit just admiring my new visa! Now all that is left to do is buy some travel insurance and my plane ticket.

Now that I have my Work Visa I would love to just go to Tokyo and chill for a bit before I have to go to Nagoya to start my training. But because I have already arranged a few little get togethers with friends I don't know if I want to change everything now.

I will probably still book my flight with Lufthansa because they are (were at the time I last checked) offering the best deal to Nagoya. Because the flight is about £100/200 less than I thought it would be means I will have a bit extra left over to spend on other things I may need/want for this trip.

It seems as if everything is coming together very nicely...only 5 more weeks to go!!!

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