5 March 2011

Its official I am good to go!

Officially I am good to go! I got my work visa earlier this week and I bought my plane ticket to Nagoya yesterday. Luckily the price of the flight with Lufthansa was still the same as the last time I checked. I ended up paying £497 for the flight with a stop over in Frankfurt. The duration of the flight will be around 15 hours including the stop over in Frankfurt. This will be the first time I will have flown to Germany but it is a pity I will not get to see much of the country.

All I really need to do next is buy my travel insurance for the first couple of months before I enrol on to the Japanese National Health system. I also need to buy a new suitcase as well as some new clothes to fill it with. Although I still do not know what position I will have in Japan nor my location so I think I will wait a bit before I start buying new clothes.

On Thursday of this week I met some of the other teachers that will be starting the training session at the same time as me. I had been communicating with them all via email but it was nice to actually meet them in person. From having spoken to them they all seem friendly and I believe we will all be able to get on really well once we are out in Japan.

Today I have just spent my time trying to streamline this blog by adding a removing certain things. I have also added more links to other social networks so people can better follow my journey in Japan. I ended up creating a Youtube account for my vlogs, a Flickr account and a new Facebook Page. So please if you get a chance please like and/or subscribe. I will try my best to keep all of these places updated. But the main area where I will post content will be on this blog. Thanks again for reading.

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