11 April 2011

More to come...

Sorry I haven't updated this in a little while. But just in case you didn't know I have arrived safely in Nagoya. Since I have been here I have been fortunate to see some interesting things in the city. The most interesting thing so far was actually being able to see the Sakura in full bloom at Nagoya Castle.

At the end of tomorrow I will be moved to Osaka to complete the remainder of my two week training course which started yesterday. I am quite excited about being moved closer to Osaka city since we will actually be in Osaka prefecture and supposedly we will be somewhere between Osaka and Kyoto. I am really looking forward to checking out some of the reggae clubs in Osaka on the weekend since the reggae scene in Nagoya isn't really saying much unfortunately.

When I next get a chance I will update the blog more thoroughly with more information and pictures. Same goes for the facebook page and youtube channel. But for the mean time please have a look at some of the images I have posted on to the tumblr account: j2dephotography.tumblr.com

Thanks for reading.

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