24 April 2011

Sayonara Osaka!

Today is now my official last full day in Osaka! My teacher training ended yesterday with a test which I didn't do too great in. Everyone needed to get at least 75% to pass but I ended up with 68%. I was told by my trainer that I would have to take the test again at some point once I move to Kumamoto. Out of the whole group there were 3 of us including myself who didn't pass. I didn't get much chance to revise mainly due to me being unwell and spending most of the past couple of days in bed!

This whole sickness has put a stop to my raving plans! I haven't been able to go out since I started to feel sick on Thursday. But I think I went out enough times since I been here in Osaka and I managed to meet some more cool people. The majority of them I knew through Youtube videos and/or Facebook but some of them I had met the last time I came to Japan.

Right now im in the process of getting all my stuff in order to repack my suitcases. I had the option of sending one of my suitcases to my area ahead of time but I decided to take both of my suitcase with me tomorrow. But I hope I don't regret that decision tomorrow! I will need to get the train from Shin-Osaka at 6:50am and I will arrive in Kumamoto at 10:27am. Pretty much as soon as I drop my stuff off at the hotel I will have to get back on the train and attend a meeting with all the people in my area. In this meeting our manager will go over some new things such as what the plans are for summer school.

I think I may keep my future posts short so I can post more frequently and I wont miss anything out. If you haven't already done so please 'like' my facebook page and follow me on twitter @dgrey1986. Thanks for reading.

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