3 November 2008

Just the same old

Well, things have gotten to be quite normal here now. Its seems like I have gotten into a routine and the days/weeks are just flying by.

Last week the school had their annual Sports Day which was quite exciting. Many of the students were pumped up cheering on their fellow class members. All the cheering they were doing got me all into the mood too. It also seems now that the students are becoming more familiar with me and more and more of them are saying hello to me. However I can't remember if they are from my class or not.

On the weekend Barbara's boyfriend came to stay with us. Barbara said he was tall but I didn't really understand until I saw him. The guy must have been around 6"5 or something. But he was a pretty cool guy. Although he didn't speak English but he told Barbara that when I talk I often move about so he could sort of understand what I was talking about.

Right now I'm at school, no one told me I did not have to teach the Juniors this morning because they weren't at school. Also no one told me that they were not raising the flag so I woke up at 6:30 for nothing.

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