17 November 2008

Wang Ba, Wang Ba, Wang Ba

Like always the days here are pretty much becoming the norm. Everyday its just the same thing. I think once the highway between Zhen'an and Xi'an is completed I will go to Xi'An maybe to the Zoo or to see the Terracotta Warriors.

I have also been told today that the school will hold the oral English competition on the December 24th. It also appears that I will not get to have Christmas Day off from work which is a bit of a pity. But my assistant told me that the Headmaster might give me a present because its a special day for us Westerners haha.

There was also a visit at the school last week by some leaders but it turned out they did not come to the school to inspect it on that day. This was a bit annoying since some of my students rehearsed something to perform in front of them, ah well what can you do.

But like I said everything is pretty cool here however I feel I can honestly I'd rather break my arm then have to choose between noodles or rice to eat for lunch/dinner. When I go to Xi'An next I can maybe buy some different food to eat.

Oh yea before I forget can someone tell me whats so funny about the word Wang Ba? thanks =P

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