6 September 2008

Arrived in Beijing

Ok I managed to arrive safely in China yesterday. The flight was pretty quick to be honest, it was like under 10hrs. I watched a few films on the plane, nothing exciting though. I did see Indian Jones but that wasnt really saying much haha. I tried to sleep on the plane but damn its hard, my neck was all stiff >_<".

I was picked up by the agency and everything was fine. I walked around a bit once I was at the Hotel and I must say damn Beijing is hot O_o. It was even more noticeable when you would be in a shop then walk back out into the sun. It was a nice day too, blue sky and everything no smog either.

When I was picked up there was also another guy like me there named Ryan from Florida. He's cool, plus it helped that there was someone there who spoken fluent English. We were haning out toghether at the HQ but I did think to myself I should have brought some games because it was kinda boring waiting around.

While we were not at the HQ and were walking around we did see some funny stuff, but I guess its just funny to us because we're not used to it. We saw some old ladies playing in the park with a little ball that had feathers on it. They kicked the little ball; between the three of them. I also saw old people again working out in the park which was kinda cool. In the park there are many of these apparatus' people would use to keep fit.

Also walked to Beijing University didnt go inside but it looked kinda cool from the oustide. Took a few pictures. Oh that reminds me, when Ryan and I were having lunch some girl (chinese) comes up to us and asks us if we go to Beijing University. She wanted to know directions to it I think. But luckily we were there with some people who knew where it was haha.

Well I don't know what i'm gonna be doing today but ill keep this update when I can.

*will add pictures when I get a chance.

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Patricia said...

Hey D.!!! You know what all this reminds me of? When I went to Nanjing during high school with some ppl from class, they were all foreigners...and the EXACT same thing happened...pics from everyone, stares, weird looks...etc
hope ur oki!! am a silent reader but just know am following you!! ^^ luuuv yaaa xoxo Pat