3 September 2008

Getting Ready...

Well basically today I just did some shopping buying up the necessary stuff for the trip like shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste etc. I also ended up buying a nice English-Chinese / Chinese-English dictionary, i think this will help me a lot on the trip haha. I'm a bit pissed off though mainly because every time i need money I have to go to the bank because my debit-card doesnt work GRRRrrrr ¬_¬ .

I thought it would also be a good idea to buy some new clothes that would be better suited to being a teacher. I don't think t-shirts 2 sizes too big and hooded sweat-tops would go down that well in the classroom lol. So I think I have bought everything that I essentially need for the trip, all that's left now is to put all this new stuff into the suitcase.

Since around 10pm today i've been making some CDs to take along with me. This task is a little laborious but I figured if I wanted to listen to some music out loud I would need CDs init lol. So I just have to bare with it and do it.

One other thing I also picked up my Chinese Yuan today but the stupid post office gave me 39 元100 bills. It kinda ridiculous, I asked the lady at the counter if they will be mixed when I ordered them and she assured me they would be. But look they are not mixed and are all 100 bills. Anyways gonna have a get together tomorrow, just really to say bye to some people. The next post I make will most likely be from China.

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