16 September 2008


I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this but the main reason for that is me not having any access to the Internet.

Well quite a lot has been happening here. I might as well start from the beginning. Last week I was assigned my first school which was the capital of Jiangxi Province named Nanchang. I was put on a 12hr train journey to get to this school from Beijing.

Once the journey had ended I was greeted (or so I thought) by a woman and a man. The woman was holding up a piece of paper with my name on. I approached them as if to say I am the person you have been waiting for, but you guys should have seen the look of disappointment on their faces.

They ushered me to one side with my suitcase and bags and then as quickly as you could say "oh shit" she was on the phone to the agency. I may not be able to understand Chinese but it was obvious that she had a problem with me and was taking out her anger on the agency.

Once she had finished her argument on the phone she approached me, I simply asked her what the problem was. But before she could say anything I simply said "is the problem due to the fact I'm black and not white?" and she replied without hesitation "yes". At the time I was quite pissed off about this, how can she discriminate against me based on that alone, she doesn't know me from Adam. She had assumed I was white because the agency had said I was from Britain, more fool her ¬_¬.

She then kindly (yea, right *rolls eyes*) helped me to buy a new train ticket from Nanchang back to Beijing. All the time she kept saying "sorry", well I was the one that was sorry. I was sorry that people like her still exist (dumb bitch ¬_¬). They left me in the train station all alone for 4hrs until I could get on my train again back to Beijing. But it was just my luck that this journey back to Beijing took 14hrs not 12hrs like the last time. All I could do was sleep on the train, nothing else to do really ='(.

Once I got back to Beijing I was pissed because I had wasted 26hrs of my life going to this place just to come all the way back. When I was explaining what had happened back at the agency I got a little upset (I know shocking init) but I guess all the pointing, starring, laughing, talking, camera phone picture taking got to me. But it was nice to see Ryan again, I was still surprised he didn't get placed in a school yet lol.

Later that day David (one of the guys at the agency) went with me to Tiananmen Square. There were not many people there at the time but while David and I were taking pictures some random Eastern European man comes up to me and asks can he get a picture. I was like WTH O_o haven't you seen a black person before? Well for him I guess not. He was in a group of about 6 people and they all jumped in the photo with me. But Just as they were taking the pictures some Chinese guys got their cameras out and started to take pictures of us. Then some random Chinese woman with a baby jumped in the picture, it was quite funny to be honest but quite strange at the same time.

As David and I continued to walk around more people would come up to me and ask for a picture. I also told those people who were taking pictures on the sly to come and get a real one with me lol. One girl even asked me "...is it ok if I smile?" I was like what the hell, of course it is its your picture lol.

So this pretty much went on for the whole day, oh yea one crazy woman wiped my face with her finger to say as if it was dirty and she was whipping it off. I was just shocked that she did that but was still kinda funny, some people dont have a clue about anything. Good thing I'm here to teach them whats what lol.

There was this crazy woman at the bus stop who was even telling me how to pronounce the name of an area, she also had a young girl with her maybe it was her grandaughter. The girl then put her arm next to mine and was comparing how dark I was compared to her (the girl was kinda dark as well).

Well after all this happend we went back to the agency and was telling everyone all the crazy stuff that had happend.

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shushuwi said...

o_O fuggggggggggggging hell that's ODD!!! but then.. i guess china is a little far away from... lets say Africa o_O .. or.. the Caribbean o_O.. is there an excuse really?! bloody hell man, you've been through some tough moo cack. but don't let them lil yellow ones get to you :D