16 October 2008

The Cutie and Taekwondo

Well nothing much has been happening really. School has been getting quite easy and nothing out of the ordinary has been happening. I still hang out in the shop which sells all those random items. The people there are cool and the boss is crazy.

Often there is a girl there that helps out, supposedly she is the niece of the bosses wife. I was surprised to see her at the shop the other day because I was under the impression she was going away, well that's what she said anyways.

Her English is not that great but she can answer some simple questions. She is nice to hang out with. The other day she kept saying "...lets go shopping" but since I had nothing to do I said sure. We went to the supermarket for her to buy some random items like toothpaste, soap and shampoo. I guess these things were for her to stay the night with her auntie. Originally we took the bus to the supermarket but we ended up walking back, why I don't know @_@. We took a short cut through my school because she said she wanted to see her friend...I didn't mind. Once she had finished talking I told her I was going home and I'd see her later she said "...sure, see you later =)"

After I had finished eating my dinner at one of the local restaurants (I call this one Beijing because they had some Olympic stickers in the window). While in Beijing the crazy man from the shop came in and the lady who works in Beijing asked me if he was my friend because he was talking to her about me and I said "...yea, I guess so lol". After I had finished my meal this lady came in to the restaurant and all the women working in the restaurant asked (well gestured) that I should go dancing in the club upstairs with the women who just came in. If the girls who I live with had been with me at the time maybe I would have gone but they weren't so I politely declined haha.

Once I left Beijing I went back to the shop to hang out. The girl was there and she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere...then she started to pretend kick and punch me. I didn't know what she was talking about at the time. Later another one of her friends from my school came to the shop. Her English was a bit better and she explained what she meant. First she wanted to visit her friend and I was like ok, I'm not doing anything else.

We took a taxi into the center near the supermarket to meet her friend. While in the taxi the girls friend asked me if I recognised her and I said "...no, why are you in my class?" and she said "...yes" I was like ahh ok then, cool. The friend she wanted to meet was some hairdresser and he had some funky looking hair haha. Anyways after they finished talking they asked me if I wanna see some something then they started to kick and punch the air again. I said sure why not.

We then walked down the street and went into a building with no lights on. The boy then used his phone as a light as we walked down the several flights of stairs. At the bottom he opened the door to a room filled with mats and punching bags. From the back room emerged 5 or so boys, they seemed surprised at first to see me. After the group I was with explained who I was they started to demonstrate some Taekwondo for me. They wanted to take pictures with me but kept joking about how tall I was.

I asked them If I could take pictures also and they were like sure. I asked them to perform so I could take pictures of them and they did. It was quite funny watching them pose and fight, some of the shots I got are quite funny.

After about 15mins we left and went back to the shop. I told the girl I was tired and I would see her later so I went back to my room. So that day was quite fun and interesting.

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x-Moonlightstar-x said...

Dodo!! Its me Hong, I have QQ! so if u ever do set up a QQ in china, (its easy btw) den let me know! my QQ number is 278122075!missin you! it sounds like ur gettin along fine..x