23 October 2008

O_o Aiyaaa what did you say!!!! & .....Xiu Pin Park at Night =)

Why do they have to give me more responsibility haha. Right now at the school the Headmaster wants me to set up English Corner and also an Oral English Contest. This is a lot of responsibility for me since the headmaster said if the students perform badly we have failed our jobs lol.

I have decided to have the English Corner on Tuesday from 5:00pm onwards since that is the day I do not have many lessons. I felt that on this day I could use my time to prepare what we (the students) will practice in English Corner. However the rules/information about whats happening is still a little sketchy at the moment, they don't really tell you much here.

It has also come to light that the other foreign teachers from VSO will help with English Corner. This will be a big help to me since I can focus my time on on the students that will perform in the competition. Mrs D also told me that they want me to perform something at the Oral English Contest. Right now I don't know what I will do but to be honest I'd rather not do anything at all but I don't think that is a possibility haha.

Yesterday Barbara, Nan and I went up the mountain to Xiu Pin Park at night. The park is quite different at night and quite nice because of the lights which turn on there. We also managed to fly the kite we bought in Xi An there. The wind was quite strong so we could fly the kite pretty well up there. Unfortunately the wind was a bit too strong and we lost 5 kites or so ='(.

When we finally got to the end of we saw all these old people dancing in the open area. They were dancing to Indian music and doing something that looked like Indian dancing but I'm not too sure haha. There must have been maybe 30 of them there all doing the same routine, it was funny but at the same time quite cool to see.

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