9 October 2008

My New Friends......The 4 Meinu LOL

Well on the school side of things nothing much has been happening, except the fact the school dean doesn't know whats going on with the time-table. I was a little pissed off because I was told that the lesson had been changed because of the holiday but it turned out that they had not changed at all. I wasn't prepared to teach next weeks lesson this week, so I ended up playing games with my Monday and Tuesday class. Oh I had those classes on Saturday and Sunday because like I said the time-table had supposedly changed. So in fact I did not need to go to school on those days.

Well on Sunday evening my new housemates arrived. They were four girls who will be the translators / assistants for the other foreign teachers from VSO. They are all around my age and they are all pretty friendly which is good. Since then we have all just been hanging out with each other. They often come to my room at night to hang out and steal my food (damn them ¬_¬).

Lately we have been going out for dinner together also. Yesterday was funny because we went to some restaurant that I don't like and I told them this but they still wanted to go. Once we arrived at the restaurant we saw the other foreign teachers eating there. It was funny because all the foreigners in the town were all in one place haha. The reason I don't like this place is because its expensive and the portions of food are small.

The girls ordered some Hot Pot (they order that all the time) and I just had Mi Fan (rice) with some Pork. However the meat in the Hot Pot was chicken but the girls seemed to think that the meat had a strange smell. I thought it was quite funny because they were having an argument with the cook there.
My rice also did not taste very nice, it was dry. Well all I said to them was "I told you this place was bad...lol" and it seemed like they agreed with me. In The end they manage to get half off what they would have paid for the Hot Pot.

Later that evening we went to the center of town to by a DVD player. The VSO teachers found all these DVDs (pirate ones) in their office so I thought we should have something to watch them on. I also wanted to watch my j-drama Liar Game and Attention Please on it. We had gone to the same shop earlier but I did not bring my discs with me and I wanted to make sure they played in the DVD player ok before I (we) bought it. Well anyways we ended up buying it but we were supposed to get some karaoke Mic's with them (for free) but the guy we had spoken to the first time wasn't there and this new guy did not know what the hell we were talking about. So we ended up not getting the Mic's because we would have to pay an extra 30 yuan.

I set the player up in my room because Its near the kitchen I told them lol. The girls came later that evening but didn't know what they wanted to watch. One of them suggested Liar Game and I was like sure. We only watched one episode because the girls wanted to go to bed. They seemed to enjoy the show (I think). Oh it has Japanese audio but English subtitles, often they would ask me to explain an English word for them.

I would say the only annoying thing is that the player glows blue even when its not on so its very annoying when you try and go to sleep. The only way to get rid of it is to plug the thing out.

Right now I'm at school waiting for my lesson, I came here at 7:30 but my lesson doesn't start until 10:30. It is so pointless being here at this time with nothing to do, all I do is use the Internet. This doesn't not help me or the students.

Anyways that's it for now, sayonara lol

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