2 October 2008

Up In The Mountains

OK so I've had a few days off from school, not including today though because I'm back at school writing this. On Sunday I went to my normal restaurant for my dinner but this time the families eldest daughter was there. Here name was You Lan and she was also 22 like me. She told me that she is learning English at University and would like to become my friend to practice English with me. I didn't mind because this gave me someone else to talk with.

That same evening You Lan asked me many questions such as what do you like to eat, what music do I like and what do I like to do when I'm not at school for example. After she heard my answers she said that she would cook a meal for me at the restaurant and that I must come on Monday to have it. I was said "...are you sure?" she just said "...yes" so I thought ok then.

When I woke up on Monday I also thought to myself...."Its about time I got a haircut". I phoned Mrs. D and asked her for some help, she told me to meet her at this hair salon because she was already there getting her hair done. When I got there a lot of the people in the place were interested in seeing a black man but ah well they gonna just have to get used to it. When my time came to cut my hair, the guy didn't know what to do. I had showed them a picture from a book of what I would like but still they were a little confused. The guy tried to cut my hair as if it was straight hair. First he would comb it using a fine tooth come and then try and use the clippers. But I kept on telling them just to comb it then go over my whole head with the clippers. Eventually they got what I meant, the haircut isn't the best but for 8 yuan (which is like 80p) I cant really complain. They also washed my hair twice and it still only cost 8 yuan.

Anyways after the haircut the other foreign teachers and I went to the mountains with each of our assistants. After a climb of about 400 steps (maybe a slight exaggeration) we arrived at the top. At the top there were many things to see and it was a nice park/shrine. Once we had finished walking around our assistants took us for dinner. I told them I didn't want to eat because someone was cooking dinner for me. However I was tempted at times to just start eating all the food. But 90% of the time I was able to resist haha.

When I finally managed to get to You Lan's restaurant it was about 8pm. Her parents had prepared a lot of food for me. First I had cabbage in some soup, potato strips, rice, chicken and chips. Yea her family made chips for me, I didn't ask them too but they made them. The chips were thin like French Fries and not fat like how home made chips normally are. The mum also made some home made tomato ketchup for me too. It taste quite sweet ^-^. Overall I liked the food and it was even better that I didn't have to pay anything, thanks You Lan. =)

Earlier I had asked You Lan if she wanted to come to the mountains with the foreign teachers and I but she had said no because her uncle was visiting. We then agreed to go the next day which was Tuesday. She said I should get up early to go because that is the best time since the sun is not high and the weather is cooler. We decided upon 8am to meet up.

When Tuesday came You Lan, her sister and her cousin were waiting for me outside my place ready to go. We walked to the mountains hung out at the top for a bit took some pictures and fooled about. Later her little cousin said she was hungry so we went back pretty quickly, on the way back we passed a Mosque and outside where Chinese Muslims, they all seemed excited to see me. Maybe they thought I was Muslim too, who knows haha.

While we were going back we came across this dog yard, basically it was a yard filled with dogs and puppies too. The puppies were playing with each other and the other dogs were just walking around. There must have been maybe 6 or 7 dogs there and about 5 of them were puppies. I took some pictures and then left.

You Lan then took me to some place to have something called Bouzu (I don't know the spelling), it was like a dumpling. I preferred the meat one which was smaller to the bigger one filled with Tofu and Vegetables. You Lan told me that she had to go to the country to visit her grandparents for a few days but she told me to come look for her in the restaurant in a few days. I was like sure, will do.
In afternoon the other teachers and I went to the town and supermarket. I bought some incense and other fresh smelling things. I also bought a mop since there was no way to dry the one I had been using and it was getting a little annoying. I also bought a dart board for like 28 yuan which is nothing. I thought it would give us something to do in the dorm.

Later that evening we went to eat at some out door restaurant that just cooked food on a barbecue. You choose which food you would like and then would cook it for you. The food was pretty cool and not too expensive either. It worked out to be 88 yuan for 5 of use to eat there.

Not sure what I'm doing today but it appears that I do not have to go to school until the 5th hehe. So I can rest and do what ever I like for a little while longer. I think I might go and play some darts now, will post again soon.

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