5 October 2008

Its Sunday But.....

Well its Sunday today but guess what I'm at School. But no its not because I'm Teaching or anything its because Mrs. D told me I was. But it turns out I don't start until Monday. This is annoying me now, I had to get up at 6.30 to get ready and it turns out I don't even have to teach anything. Well I guess its not that bad since I have to get back into the routine of getting up early (not like I don't do that already anyways.) and getting ready for School.

Nothing much has been happening recently, since You Lan left haven't been doing much. I went for a few walks with the other foreign teachers and went back up the mountain a couple of times. But nothing really exciting.

Yesterday I decided to go into one of the new shops near the School. By the way every time there is a new shop that opens they put a whole load of fire works outside the shop then just set them off on the street. The noise is so loud, the first time I heard it I almost had a heart attack. They sounded like gun shots going off.

Anyways I went into the shop and like most places people in there are quite friendly they often tell me to sit down and relax. Well this place was no different, I sat down this time since I had nothing to do. Also the little girl from the supermarket was in there too so I decided to hang out for a bit. In this shop were two boys and the boss works in the shop next door.

While I was there they let me use their laptop/internet. Most of the time I just fooled about on Youtube and showed them videos. They seemed to like the R&B videos I was showing them or rather they liked the dancing in the videos.

Later the boss came and spoke to me (or tried to) and then they began to teach me Chinese words/phrases. One of them was something like "Menu Go Lai" but I'm not too sure how you spell it. It means something like "pretty girl/young girl come here" it was quite funny when I was saying it to people. They told me to say it to some older ladies too, luckily though they they just thought it was funny lol.

I stayed in that shop for a few hours mostly chatting/playing with the girl. She was the only one who could understand some English. However there were times when the boys and the boss of the shops just wanted to take pictures with me. They probably want to tell their friends they have a black friend lol.

Well today there are supposed to be 4 Chinese girls coming to live with us. They will be translators for the foreign teachers. The house is going to be packed now, luckily we don't all have to share a shower. But its good now since I will have someone young to talk with. Looks like I can go to the club now lol.

Anyways that's its for today, will post later cya.

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