10 March 2011

...almost there! prt 2

I received confirmation from the Student Loans Company regarding how much I would have to make in repayments of my student loan. It seems I will only have to pay £39 per month towards it based on how much I will be earning in Japan. Luckily like here in the UK the repayment threshold is £15,000 in Japan and so I only have to make repayments based on anything I earn over that at 9%.

What I think I will do is add about £500 to one of my saving accounts here in the UK and then I can make my repayments to SLC of £39 via direct debit using that account. I believe if I do it this way its one less thing I need to worry about when I am in Japan and also I will not miss any payment deadlines.

I am still keeping my eye on my payment to Lufthansa via Paypal after reading online that sometimes they have been known to accept the money very late and sometimes not at all! I have read that certain travellers have arrived at the airport only to be told that a seat had been reserved for them but no money has been sent to Lufthansa. So like I said I am keeping my eye on this transaction. I am lucky that I bought my ticket a month in advance to sort out any problems like this!

I am able to cross another thing off my list today as I have just ordered my new suitcases. In total they were £69 but I get two instead of one for this price. Originally they were listed at £149 but have been reduced to £69.


I think the one I ordered looks very nice but its not very indistinguishable from another suitcase so I plan to put something on it so I can easily spot it. I decided to get two suitcase just in case I decide to visit other parts of Japan I can bring a change of clothes much easier.

Hopefully tomorrow I will receive my Camera Bag, 640GB External Hard-Drive and my Hair Clippers (all bought from amazon.co.uk). I wanted the external hard-drive because the internal one in my new laptop is not that big and if I wanted to do any video editing or Photoshop work I could fill that up quite quickly. Just in case I can not find someone to cut my hair well whilst I am over there I may need to cut it myself hence the purchase of the hair clippers.

The only thing that is really left is to buy some travel insurance to tie me over until I enrol on to the National Health Care System. The company also require me to obtain a letter from my Doctor just stating that I am fit to work in Japan. I should be picking that up new week sometime so I will keep you posted.

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