12 March 2011

...almost there! prt 3

Today in the post I received my external hard-drive, hair clippers and camera bag. I decided to open up the hard-drive first and to my surprise the hard-drive was a lot smaller than I had initially thought. I was under the impression that it was quite large in size and this was the reason I decided not to but the blue model instead of the white one. I felt that the blue version would look ugly compared to everything else I own. But now, I am thinking maybe I should've bought the blue one for an extra £5 since that model has an extra 110GB worth of storage!! Well I guess I just have to be satisfied with 640GB and delete things I do not need when its filling up.

The hair clippers are quite small too and feel nice and comfortable in my hand. My friend thinks I should use them before I go just in case they can not cut afro-hair but I believe they will be alright. However if I do find that they are not that great whilst I am in Japan I can feel easy knowing that I only spent £20 on them.

I am happy now that I actually have a bag for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2! The bag which I bought will allow me to carry around the camera with the 14-42mm lens attached and have the 14mm pancake lens in the bag also. But I think I may also get another bag just to hold the camera when it only has the 14mm lens attached.

The only thing I am really waiting for to be delivered are my suitcases. Hopefully they will come on Tuesday/Wednesday next week. Once I get that I will pretty much have completed 90% of the things on my to-do list for the trip.

Yesterday I received a letter from my old employer stating that there had been an overpayment in my last wage of £135. They paid me from the 1st - 31st December when I should have only been paid from the 1st - 28th December. This is actually the worst time to hear that I owe someone money when I am supposed to be preparing for my relocation to Japan. I have until the 7th April 2011 to pay the money back!

I think I will contact them next week to sort this out as well as the Lufthansa to confirm that my booking was made. I will also need to explain to the Student Loans Company that I will not be paid until the 25th May and so will not be able to make the repayment date in April. Hopefully they will be able to sort this out since all of the information about my pay was included in the copy of the contract I sent them!

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