7 March 2011

Messing around with Vegas Movie Studio 10

Recently I've been trying to get used to using Vegas Movie Studio 10. I have made a few video clips using various effects and I have also been practising using the different titles/text available in the program. I hope by the time I am ready to go to Japan I will be competent enough with VMS that I can make fairly decent videos.

I hope to upload all the videos I make whether they are vlogs or just general videos about Japan to my youtube channel. Like this blog the youtube channel has the same name: youtube.com/journeytodaeast

I spent some time yesterday trying to create a decent background for the channel. I ended up using one of my older graphics so that I could quickly put something together. Right now on the channel there is only the test video of me messing around with key frames but I hope to upload a lot more very soon.

If you haven't seen the quick video I put together you can have a look at it below. However I think that 30sec for the intro is a bit too long and so I will cut it down to around 15sec. I will probably use the same theme with the collage to keep it clean and simple.

Once I take some new photos out in Japan I will create a new intro for my videos. Also if you didn't know there is now a Facebook page so when you get a chance please 'like' the page: facebook.com/pages/Journey-to-da-East/191209360918679

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