13 January 2010

11th Day: Party Hard Tuesday

Like most days recently I slept until about 9pm. I wanted to get up earlier however I was just too lazy to wake up earlier. For once I had made a plan before that night about where I wanted to go. When I was in Axxcis on Saturday I was able to pick up a few flyers for upcoming events. One of these events was 'Party Hard Tuesday' at Shibuya Amrax.

Luckily I already knew about Party Hard Tuesday but it was handy to have the flyers because they allowed me to get a discount of 500yen. Like most nights I decided to ask the others if they wanted to come, but the majority of them said no. However this time Jordan said he would come out.

Left the Hibari house shortly after Jordan agreeing to come with me that night. I told Jordan that I walk quickly so that I can get the last train to Ikebukuro from Hibarigaoka. We went the exact same way that I had gone on Saturday to get to Axxcis for Kachi Kachi: New Years Party. We left via the East exit at Shibuya station and I walked the same way I had gone before. However we were following some directions on the bottom of the flyer but got a little confused. We went inside a Lawson convenience store which was near by and asked for help. The guy in there tried to direct us in English but was having difficulties, but I just started speaking Japanese to him so then he easily gave us the directions in Japanese.

We left the store and walked around the corner following the guys directions. As we walked down the road I noticed the club Axxcis and thought wow the two clubs are so close to each other. When we walked past Axxcis we noticed some girls practising a dance routine while playing dancehall music. I approached them and asked them in Japanese where club Amrax was. One of them pointed in the direction of the club and told us that its very near to where we are standing, so we continued walking down the road.

When we got to the club I realised I had passed it on the Saturday as I approached Axxcis. When we got in we were searched briefly by security. Because we had the flyer we only had to pay 1500yen instead of 2000yen. We got inside the club and it was quite small we thought, however it wasn't until we walked around the club a bit more that we realised there was a downstairs part to the club. After waiting on the dance floor for a bit I decided to come back up stairs because it was quite empty. When I got upstairs I walked around a bit just looking at the posters on the wall and some CDs they had on sale.

It was after about 15 minutes of being upstairs that's when I saw a Japanese reggae singer named Micky Rich. I said to him "hey, you're Micky Rich!" and he said "yea, I am". I thought it was pretty cool to just seem him in the club like that. I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he said sure. I didn't speak to him much because he didn't seem like he wanted to talk to me that much.

While I was upstairs I also saw Ken-U and Domino-Kat who are members of Ent. Deal League with Micky Rich. Both of them were very friendly and allowed me to take a few pictures with them. I also got to meet a group of American guys who were in Tokyo on holiday like myself. After I was finished upstairs I ended up going back to the dance floor to join Jordan. Whilst I was on the dance floor Domino-Kat approached me and he remembered how I said that I liked his song with Akane called Flowers. He told me that Akane was actually in the club this night too. I was quite surprised to see Akane in the club that night but I later realised that it is not a big thing to see celebrities in the club with other people.

While I was on the dance floor I noticed Reggae dancer Shy-N was there as well as a few other dancers. I also noticed Haruka from AB Squad, however at the time I was a bit shy to talk to her. When we were leaving the club Domino-Kat shouted out to us that we should add him on Myspace.

Overall I had a good night at Party Hard Tuesday and would recommend it to anyone in Tokyo and to anyone who likes Reggae/Dancehall music.

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