8 January 2010

6th Day: My First Night in the Club!

I had been waiting a little while for this and the day (night) had finally come. I decided to go back to Ikebukuro Bed now that I knew where it was for one of their Reggae nights. Before I left I asked the other guys at the Hibari Guesthouse if they wanted to come but they didn't.

I made my way to Hibarigaoka station to catch one of the last trains of the night to Ikebukuro. When I left the train station I decided to quickly get something to eat from Mac Donalds before heading to the club. I managed to remember my way back to the club quite easily. When I got to the club they told me that it would be 2000yen entry and they also asked me for some I.D which luckily I had. I also got a ticket to get one free drink at the bar.

Once I got on to the dance floor there weren't many people and at the time they were only playing Reggae music when I had actually gone that night to listen/dance to Dancehall music. I went up to the bartender and asked him where I could but my coat and he told me I could put it in the locker behind me. I went up to the locker and it appeared to be a coin one. The cost to use the locker was 200yen. I thought to myself that is not too bad considering my stuff would be kept secure in there until I am ready to leave.

When I got to the club at around 12:30pm it was quite empty. It wasn't until around 1:30/2:00pm that it started to get a bit more lively. It was during this point I met a group of girls that loved dancing to Dancehall music. They danced around me and seemed surprised when I knew the dances to each of their respective songs. All through the night it never got busy so we all just danced with each other. I think one of the main reasons there weren't many people that was because it was a new event.

Thee club stopped playing music around 5:00am but I stayed a little bit whilst the three girls kept talking to me. They all seemed friendly and were interested in finding out information about me. Two of the girls decided to stay a little longer but I left with one of the girls named Momo because we were going home in the same directions. But before I left I asked the girls when they would next be at the club and they told me Friday which would be the later that night. I told them cool, I will come tonight again as well.

Overall that was a pretty interesting night and a good start to more nights out in Japan.

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