9 January 2010

7th Day: Studio Ghibli / Hip Hop night but um...where are those girls?

Today was the day that I had planned to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum. I followed the instructions I had received from japan-guide. I went my normal route to get to Ikebukuro from Hibarigaoka. Once I was at Ikebukuro I got on the JR Yamanote Line to change at Shibuya. When I got to Shibuya I changed on to the JR Chou Line for Mitaka. It took me a little while before I got on the right train at Shibuya because I got a little confused by the directions.

Once I left the station in Mitaka there was a little shuttle bus that went directly to the Museum like it had said on the japan-guide website. It took roughly around 5 minutes to get to the Museum from the station. The museum was quite interesting however I did find myself not as interested in certain aspects of the Museum for example the section devoted to Ponyo which I knew nothing about. I didn't stay very long at the Museum because it wasn't very big. Outside the Museum there was a large statute I think from the movie "Castle in the Sky".

I arrived back home early that afternoon. It felt strange being back at the Hibari house to early. Later that night I decided to go back to Ikebukuro Bed this night because the night before the three girls I had met told me they were going to be there again. The night was a Hip-Hop night with a few live MCs and dance performances.

When I got to the club it was pretty packed and filled with smoke. That is one of the things I dislike about the clubs in Japan, everyone can smoke! Fair enough if you are a smoker its not a problem but if you are like me and not a smoker its not a good environment to be hanging out in.

I waited for a little while but it didn't seem like the girls were coming, but unfortunately I was stuck at the club until at least 5:00am so I could get the train back to Hibarigaoka. I saw another guy I had met at Bed the night before and I told him I was waiting for those girls and that it didn't look like they were coming any more and he thought that was bad of them.

One of the MCs came up to me as I was sitting down and started telling me about his group. He was Japanese but had lived in New York for 20 years. The name of his band is 'The Sexorsist', he also gave me some stickers with his bands logo on.

I didn't really enjoy this night that much because I am not that into Hip-Hop and those girls never showed up.

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