18 January 2010

17th Day: Trip to Ebisu for some Jamaican food!

Today was the day that I had agreed to meet Haruno in Ebisu. She had planned to take me to a restaurant that served Jamaican food. I had confirmed earlier in the day via email that I would meet Haruno around 18:30 at Ebisu Station.

When I left the guesthouse I realised that I had no way to contact Haruno because I did not have a her phone number, a phone or access to the internet. I arrived at the station on time and at the exit we had agreed to meet however I couldn't see Haruno. This was the worst time not to have a phone because I had no way to get in contact with her.

I then started to walk up and down the station in search of Haruno but she was no where to be found. I carried on searching for around 30 minutes and just as I was ready to leave the station to go back home I saw her standing in the middle of the station. I was so relieved to finally meet her because I was slightly worried since I didn't know if something had happened to her. She explained to me that she had trouble finding me too. Either way I was just happy we finally met up.

I then walked with Haruno in the direction of the restaurant. As we walked and talked it seemed as if she had forgotten the way to the restaurant. She told me should couldn't remember the way because she hadn't been there in a little while. We then went to a convenience store were she asked for directions. The guy working there didn't seem to know where it was however he pulled out a big map from underneath the counter to try and help us find it.

When we left the store I told Haruno that I was surprised that the guy had pulled out a map because everyone time I asked someone in a store for help they just told me they didn't know where it was I wanted to go. She then told me that all convenience stores have a map like that which made me slightly annoyed. We continued to walk for about 10 minutes or so and then we eventually found the restaurant...but it turned out it was closed! So after all of that it felt like the trip was slightly wasted.

Haruno proposed that we go somewhere else maybe to another restaurant. I didn't mind where we went at the time because I was just really hungry! We ended up going to this Chinese restaurant and I decided to order egg fried rice with some fried squid. When the rice came it had a fried egg on top of it! I remember saying to Haruno is this how it comes and she said yea. I was surprised because I assumed the egg would have been mixed with the rice. Although it came like this I managed to eat most of it (with some help from Haruno) and the fried squid was nice too. We both continued to talk and have a good time but all the time we were there Haruno was surprised that I didn't drink alcohol. I just told her I have never liked the taste of it.

After the restaurant I wasn't quite ready to go home so Haruno suggested that we go to Starbucks to chill for a bit before we went home. This was the first time I had actually been to a Starbucks to actually spend any amount of time in there since I don't drink coffee. Again Haruno was surprised that I didn't drink coffee or tea either and laughed when they gave me this little kids drink carton when I asked for juice!

We stayed in Starbucks for a little while talking about various things but I was surprised when she told me she was a an avid Star Wars fan! She never once gave the impression that she was one yet her and Chiho called me an Otaku for liking Japan!

After Starbucks we left and went back to Ebisu Station. We said our goodbyes on the train as she got off at one of the stops before mine. I couldn't help thinking that it was a shame that I had to make a friend right at the end of the trip when I was about to go back to London. But I guess everything happens for a reason.

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