18 January 2010

16th Day: Carribean Sunday

After having a nice rest from being out the night before I decided to go to Caribbean Sunday for the last time before I left Japan for London. For me Caribbean Sunday was the best night I had out whilst I was in Tokyo and this is why I wanted to go again but it also helped that I could get in for free because I was Jamaican.

Earlier in the day I had been in contact with Haruno via Facebook and Email. I was curious to know if she would be coming to Caribbean Sunday but she wasn't. Instead she invited me to go to dinner at a Jamaican restaurant in Ebisu on the Monday. I agreed to meet her in the evening after she had finished work at Ebisu Station.

Getting to Ikebukuro from Hibarigaoka was probably the easiest compared to going to Shibuya. It took only 17mins using the the Rapid Train. I also was so familiar with the location of the club that I took a special exit out of the station that allowed me to be about 10 meters away from the club once I came out.

Once I got to the club I saw this African boy that I met the last time I went to Carribean Sunday called Muhaed. Whilst the club was quiet I started to speak to him and he told me how he and his family came to be in Japan. He was also excited about being able to go out to clubs and bars now that he had turned 20 years old. Then I remembered that in the previous week all the young people had their Seijin no Hi Ceremony.

Once it got around 01:00 I noticed that the club wasn't as packed as the last Sunday. But I guess that was to be expected since the last Sunday was a special occasion for a lot of the young people in Japan.

Later that night I-Van came to the club along with Yumiko from Helty Baddy Girls, Milo, Corn Bread, Irie Pam Pam, Lisa and Hotta Manammy. This was the first time I had seen Yumiko so was quite excited to speak to her because I was familiar with her and her dance partner Youko. I remember confirming with I-Van that she was actually Yumiko even though I knew full well that it was her.

I got a chance to speak to Yumiko and she was surprised I could speak some Japanese. I also told her that it was a pity that Youko wasn't there that night but before she could tell me why I told her it was because she was in New York. She asked me how I knew that and I told her I knew this from their blog.

This night was quite cool because there were less people in the club and so there was more space to dance. I also had the opportunity to dance with almost all the dancers there apart from Hotta Manammy because I just remembered what happened to the guy at Master Blaster the night before when he tried to dance with her!!! So I wasn't really in the mood to be embarrassed just yet in Japan.

When the song Dem Alone by Mavado was played Yumiko was very surprised when she saw me doing Japan Squads (I-Van, Helty Baddy Girls and Baboo) routine for the song. I told her that I had learned the routine from youtube!

The DJ from Asian Star was very friendly and he would always hive me a shout out on the mic. He remembered me from Party Hard Tuesday, Rockers Paradise and the last time I came to Caribbean Sunday. He would always say on the mic "Dorian don't be shy" when it came to me dancing with the girls in the club. Later that night he made an announcement informing everyone else in the club that this was my last time I would be out in Japan before I go back to London.

Once the party was winding down I wanted to take some pictures with everyone that I had met. I asked them all to take a group picture with me which they happily agreed to do.

Asian Star and I-Van both asked me when I was coming back to Japan but at the time I didn't know when I would next be back. They then wrote down their contact details and told me to contact them again in the future when I come back to Japan.

As we all left the club I went with Muhaed to Mc Donalds because I was feeling very hungry and by this time they were already serving their breakfast. Once we got in there we met up with I-Van and the other dancers. It was quite funny when they were trying to tell me that the Japanese dancer Lisa was known as the "cockey clasher". At that moment however I didn't know what they meant when they kept saying "cockey" but later I understood.

This night for me was pretty good too since by this time a lot of people were familiar with me and tried to make me feel more welcome in Japan. It was just a pity that by this time I only had a few more days before I had to go back to London.

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