14 January 2010

12th Day: Rockers Paradise

When I was leaving PHT (Party Hard Tuesday) this guy I met in the club called Chaka Chaka told me that he would be going to another dance on Wednesday called Rockers Paradise. I thought to myself I didn't have anything planned that evening so I might as well go to this dance. This was the first time I had ever been to Shibuya Camelot and wasn't sure where exactly it was. Luckily as I was walking around Shibuya following the map on the flyer I noticed some people I saw from Teki Teki Thursday at Ikebukuro Bed. I asked if they knew where Shibuya Camelot was and they pointed me in the right direction.

When I got to the club I paid the entrance fee but also received a lighter as a gift which I thought was pretty cool. Once I was inside the club was fairly quiet but I came to expect this since the majority of Japanese that go to these types of clubs tend to get their quite late in the night. What I didn't realise however was that this night was fairly special because there was to be a live showcase or battle if you will between Japanese artists.

I was lucky enough to see Akane again as well as a few other artists perform on stage. I also got the chance to see Ryo the Skywalker perform on stage as well which was pretty cool even though I did not know many of his songs lol. Whilst I was in the club I got to see my new friend Domino-Kat again. Everytime I met him he was always friendly to me. While he was talking to me there was a video playing on one of the monitors in the background which he then began to point to. He then started to say "...look, look" as I was looking I asked him what the name of the song (video) was and he told me it was called "Street Team". While I was watching it I noticed a lot of J-Reggae Dancers featured in it like I-Van and the Helty Baddy Girls.

A lot of the music that was being played were some of my favourite songs. As I danced around it seemed as if a lot of people were looking in my direction, maybe they thought I was a dancer from Jamaica or something lol. While I was dancing this guy came up to me and started to do a routine, as he was doing this he tired to get to me copy his routine but by this time of the night I was too tired to copy anyones routine especially when it was more than a few steps.

Overall this night was pretty cool but was a bit disappointed that I did not get to meet that guy from the previous night since he was the one who told me to go to this event. As I was on my way back to Hibari House I stopped off at Mc Donalds for their breakfast because I was so hungry due to the fact that the last meal I had was nearly 7 hours ago.

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