11 January 2010

9th Day: Caribbean Sunday!!!

After having slept for the majority of the day I eventually woke up at around 10pm. I was quite excited about this evening because I knew tonight was the first night I could actually go to Caribbean Sunday since I actually knew how to find Ikebukuro Bed.

I quickly had a shower and something to eat before I left the Hibari Guesthouse. As always I asked the others if they wanted to come but they said no. One of the main reasons they didn't want to come was because of money issues and them not really being as interested in the Reggae/Dancehall scene as I am.

By now I was pretty clued up about when was the best time to get the last train. I got to Hibarigaoka station at about 23:50 and I was just in time to catch the last train. When I got to the Seibu exit at Ikebukuro I decided to walk a different way this time instead of the usual way I knew which would be all the way around the outside of the train station. This time I walked all the way from one end of the Ikebukuro station to the other. This way took me practically to the exit right near club Bed.

When I got inside the club I approached the door man and told him that I was Jamaican. He didn't seem to have a problem of me not being able to prove it and just took my word for it. It was quite funny because the only thing I had on me Jamaican was a little keyring with the Jamaican flag on. The reason I told him this was because it is free entry for all Caribbean and Ladies all night.

Once I walked into the main area of the club I noticed a lot more people compared to Teki Teki Thursday. I think one of the main reasons for this was due to the next day being a National Holiday. The National Holiday in question was actually the Seijin no Hi which is literally the coming of age day. This is when people who become 20 years old are officially recognised as adults by law.

As the night went on the club became so packed to the point where it was a little too much at times. There were too many people in any one space which made it difficult to dance. All through the night the DJs were playing some of my favourite Dancehall songs. They also had Jamaican food being served provided by Good Wood. It was interesting to dance with the Japanese because everyone was there to have a good time. There was no sign of people being bad mind towards one another. Everyone was just there to have fun and enjoy themselves not to start any trouble what so ever. This was a welcomed change compared to what normally happens at many clubs in London.

It was weird at times because I was dancing with quite a few girls but only realised afterwards (from some youtube videos) that some of them were actually somebodies in the Reggae scene. The two I mainly danced with were part of a dance group called AB Squad. I liked one of the dancers more than the other. The one I liked was named Haruka she was very sexy and it was her dancing just made her that more appealing.

Once it got to about 04:00 people started to leave so that freed up space in the club. The party didn't actually finish until about 08:00 which I thought was crazy. While I was in the club I met this African boy named Mahmoud. I recognised him from the night before at Kachi Kachi. He told me that he liked the way I was so relaxed on the dance floor yet I hadn't had anything to drink. Mahmoud told me that he had been living in Japan since he was about 10 years old. I thought to myself wow he is pretty much Japanese by now. On the night he was like many others celebrating his Seijin no Hi that weekend. I told him that I would see him again next week at Caribbean Sunday. After I came out the club my whole body was aching, it felt like I just came back from having a workout at the gym.

I took the train back to Hibarigaoka and as soon as I got in I pretty much went straight to bed because I was so tired. However I did take the time to upload my photos and videos to my facebook profile ha-ha. Overall I would say this was the best night I had so far since I have been in Japan.

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