5 January 2010

4th Day: Feeling Lazy

I spent the majority of this day sleeping. It was like I was too lazy to get up. I even set my alarm for 12:00pm but I still didn't want to get up. I eventually got up around 5:30pm. That is a really bad time to get up considering I am supposed to be on holiday.

I met up with the other guys in the house to see what they were doing. Like me the were all pretty lazy that day. They told me that they were going to go to Life to pick up some supplies. I decided to go with them because I wanted to buy a little note book which I could use to plan what I wanted to do whilst I was in Japan.

We all went to Life to pick up some stuff. Ebz had this big bottle with him that he could get refilled with filtered water for free. I told Ebz that I was going to look for my note book. I asked at one of the counters and they told me I can find it on the 2nd floor. After I had found they type of notebook I wanted in Life I met up with the other guys inside the shop. Ebz told me that there is one cashier that strokes your hand when she gives you your change. I thought to myself, that sounds pretty weird but I was curious to see it for myself. I went to buy something and then went to that cashier. It was just as Ebz had said she stroked the bottom of my hand as she gave me the change. I still kept thinking that was a pretty weird but not necessarily in a bad way ha-ha.

Once we got home I decided to fill in my note book with places I wanted to visit and how to get there. I knew once I did this there would be no reason why I can't go anywhere by myself. While using Japan-Guide to help plan stuff to do/places visit I realised that I needed to buy the tickets for the Studio Ghibli museum in advance from Lawson convenience stores. Lucky for me I knew exactly where there was a Lawson and that was in...Ikebukuro.

I just happened to find many Lawson just by chance as Jordan and I wondered around Ikebukuro getting lost. I went to a Lawson once I got to Ikebukuro and luckily the cashier in there was friendly and knew exactly what I wanted when I said Studio Ghibli. He helped me buy the ticket because the Loppi machine is totally in Japanese. After I had finished buy the ticket for this Friday I decided to check out Ikebukuro: Bed again now that I knew exactly where it was. This time I took a picture of the timetable outside the club so that I could remember when things were. I noticed that this Thursday (07/01) was a Reggae night so I decided not to go in that day because it was just a Hip-Hop/R&B night and I would rather go to the Reggae night. That is after all one of the main reasons I am in Japan.

When I was going back to the station I noticed a lot of people running around which mad me think "shit, they must be closing!" so I quickly started to run to the Seibu line. The guard there was lowering the shutter which was about 3ft from the ground but luckily one guy shouted out and the guard stopped the shutter so I seized this opportunity to dive under too ha-ha. I was lucky to get on otherwise I would have ended up at the club after all waiting until 05:00am to get the train again.

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