20 January 2010

19th Day: Last Day in Japan!

Today was the last official day I had in Japan. Everything was packed and ready for the airport fairly early. I didn't have much trouble sleeping because myself and the guys mostly stayed up all night waiting until we needed to leave to catch our flight. It was quite early when we left because I remember it still being dark outside and the whole guesthouse was very quiet.

Bren had told the other guys a quick/cheaper way to get to Narita Airport rather than taking the Narita Express from Tokyo station. Once we had gotten to Ikebukuro station we took the JR Yamanote Line to Ueno where we caught another train. It was here that we said out goodbyes to Bren because this was as far as he could come unless he wanted to come all the way to the airport.

The train ride was fairly long and the guys and myself kept falling asleep because we had not slept the night before. At one point I felt so tired that my eyes were burning. Once we got to the Airport everything was calm and relaxed. We all had Mc Donalds breakfast because we were all so hungry and I also managed to pick up some souvenirs (omiyage) for my family members.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this trip a lot even though a lot of the things I ended up doing alone. I also didn't get to see or do as many tourist type things as I would have liked but I knew at the time like I do now that this wouldn't be my only time to visit Japan.

If you plan on going to Japan I would recommend picking up a book such as the ones I posted below to help you plan what you would like to do and see whilst you are in Japan. Once you have a plan you will not waste any time whilst you are there.

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